Program Committee

Conference Director:

May Khizam Founder & Chief Strategist, The Grid Media Ltd

The Grid Media Ltd which is the organizing body of The 2nd International Conference in the Future of Education.

The Grid Media Ltd produces workshops, conferences, roadshows and experiences that explore, probe and offer a platform for robust discussion and an exchange of market intel coupled with best practice around emerging technologies, innovation and ‘next’ thinking in industry, academia and government.

Conference Chairs

Dr. Mohammad A. Fteiha
Associate Professor of Special Education
Abu Dhabi University

Dr. Eila Burns (Co-Chair)
Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Alison MacKenzie (Co-Chair)
Queen's University
United Kingdom

Dr. Victor W. Harris (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
University of Florida
United States

Publication Chair
Prof. Ghanem Al Bustami
Professor of Development & Education Psychology
Abu Dhabi University

Publicity Chair
Dr. Ali Ibrahim
Associate Professor of Education
United Arab Emirates University

Programme Committee

  • Professor Joyce Pittman, Pennsylvania Association of School Superintendents (PASA) WCCI - World Council on Curriculum & Instruction - Board of Directors - UNESCO NGO
  • Dr. Abeer Bar, Educational leadership and Policy, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship- Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Abduladheem Adnan Mohammed Hashem, Faculty of Education, University of Malaysia
  • Dr. Ahmad Fteiha, Faculty of Education, Associate Professor, University, Palestine
  • Dr. Ali S. AlKaabi, Advisor to the UAEU Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Education, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. AYM Atiquil Islam, Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, China
  • Dr. Catherine Hill, Dean, School of Education, Associate Professor, American University of Dubai, UAE
  • Dr. Emmanuel O. Acquah, Department of Teacher Education, University of Turku, Finland
  • Dr. Ismini Vasileiou, Associate Professor of Information Systems, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Kamal J.I Badrasawi, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr. Khadeegha Alzouebi, Assistant Professor School of e-Education, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. Mikail Ibrahim, Faculty of Major Languages, Department of Education, University Sain Islam Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr. Moayad Al Humaidi, Associate Professor, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Mohammed Musah, Assistant Professor of Education, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. Nadera Alborno, Associate Professor of Education, American University In Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. Omar Al Noursi , Doctor of Philosophy in Curricula and Teaching Methods/English Language, Institute of Applied Technology, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. Venkat Rao Vishnumolakala, Assistant Professor, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates
  • Prof. Barba Aldis Patton, Professor, Mathematics Education, University of Houston-Victoriam, United States of America
  • Prof. Hairuddin Mohd. Ali, Professor of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Prof. Michael Lewis, Executive Chairman, Riverston Group , United Kingdom
  • Prof. Regina Enwefa, Professor in the Department of Speech Language Pathology, Southern University Baton Rouge, United States of America
  • Prof. Saleh Al Shurfat, Professor of Education, Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

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