Call For Papers

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Technology in Education

Technology enhanced Learning
Technology support for pervasive learning
Educational technology
Distance education
E-content management and development
Educational technology
Educational games and software
ICT education

Global Education

Education, research and globalisation
Barriers to learning (ethnicity, age, psycho-social factors)
Women and minorities in science and technology
Indigenous and diversity Issues
Government policy issues
Organizational, legal and financial aspects
Digital divide
Increasing affordability and access to the Internet
Ethical issues in education
Intellectual property rights and plagiarism

Assessment Methodologies in Education

Assessment software tools
Simulated communities and online mentoring
e-Testing and new test theories
Supervising and managing student projects
Pedagogy enhancement with e-Learning
Educating the educators
Immersive learning
Blended learning
Computer-aided assessment
Metrics and performance measurement
Assessment software tools
Assessment methods in blended learning environments


Cross-disciplinary areas of education
Educational psychology
Education practice trends and issues
Indigenous education
Course management

Special Needs Education

Bridging the Achievement Gap for English language learners with special needs in post-secondary Institutions
Highly gifted students: How to find, reach and teach them
Inclusive education
Accessibility to disabled learners

  • Draft submission - January 30th, 2021
  • Final manuscript submission - February 28th, 2021
  • ICFEDU conference - April 1st and 2nd, 2021

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